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What Exactly Is CCVP Boot Camp?

CCVP Boot Camp explained

CCVP stands for Certified Voice Professional certification and is the training behind the hottest technologies of today. Voice technology is growing very fast and there is a lot of work put on IT technicians in order to integrate this type of technology into established networks. Knowing this technology and having the certification in order to do this type of job is a great way to boost your career to an all-time high. The CCVP Boot Camp is a very fast way in order to get yourself ready to face this type of technology head on.

There are many websites on the internet that you could visit in order to learn more about the Ccvp Boot Camp but what it basically contains an accelerated training program in order to give you the telephony skills and knowledge that you need in order to pass the CCVP test in the shortest amount of time.

There are several different companies that give this type of boot camp and the timetable will vary but not by much. Most of these boot camps last around 16 to 20 days and usually go for about 12 hours a day. This is mainly why it is called a boot camp.

The types of courses that you will learn within the Ccvp Boot Camp include Cisco Voice Over IP, Cisco Unified Communications, troubleshooting Unified Communicatons, and Cisco Quality of Service. There is a lot of information to learn in basically a short amount of time but these are what the trainings are designed to do.

To cram this information into your head so that when you go to take the test, it will still be fresh in your memory. These courses are not for just memorizing and once you pass the test you lose all of the information.

The CCVP Boot Camp will help you to retain your information that you have learned so that you can get certified and do the work with quality and efficiency. There are also trainings to get your mcsa and mcse certifications as well.

There is all kinds of free information on the Internet that you can access in order to find out more about which course you may want to take. You can find out what types of exams you need to take in order to get your certifications as well. It is all your choice to take the next step in progressing your career.  

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Importance of CompTIA Network+ Certification

By Alina Michael
CompTIA has turned up with vendor-neutral networking examination in the form of Network+. The people who are possessed with networking experience for a span of 9-12 months get hold of Network+ certification which has received recognition on the international level.


By J. Vinson
What exactly does a SQL Server DBA do? First of all, Microsoft SQL Server is software that basely allows you to create SQL servers and create and host several robust and stable databases on those servers. SQL Server can accomodate both small and large databases ranging from just a few users accessing them to hundreds of users utilizing an application.