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A review of MCSE tutorials and how to become a Microsoft certified software engineer




Why You Should Consider MCSE Certifications

MCSE Certifications - Why you need to consider Microsoft certified systems engineer certification for future employment.

There was once a time when an IT professional only needed experience in their field in order to get a job in the IT field. In many cases, a company was willing to hire someone with basic knowledge as long as they were willing to educate themselves while working.

Systems, however, have gotten much more complex and learning on the job is simply not an option. Many companies will not even look at a resume for an IT position that does not include a degree in computer, sparticularly Microsoft certifications such as MCSA, MCDBA, MCSD or MCTS. Those who accept experience in lieu of education want to see certifications, such as MCSE certifications before they will consider someone for a position.

Yes, it is true that many companies are looking for people with only a couple of years of experience but many certifications over someone with many years of experience and no certifications for IT positions. The reason for this is that hands on experience does not cover all of the necessary training.

A person who has worked for a number of years at the same company may become complacent about learning new techniques and such when it comes to the systems that they manage. However, continuing certifications show an ongoing interest in new technology.

Microsoft certified systems engineer certification is a perfect example of changing needs in a technological world. Certification was first available in 1990 and there have been many updates to the system since then. A 1990 certification would not serve well in 2010. That is 20 years of changes!

It is important that all IT professionals who want to work with Microsoft systems continue to take certification exams, even if they are working with an older system. This ensures that if the company they work for updates their system or if they see a better opportunity elsewhere, that they have the skills they need.

If you have a MCSE certification and you are interested in renewing it, then you will be happy to know that there are practice exams available online to see if you are ready for the test. If you find that you aren't, you can take online training courses or even traditional campus courses to prepare you for your upcoming exam.

Getting MCSE certifications can be quite a challenge as the test is very complex. However, with the right training and practice, you should be able to get your certification well in hand.

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Importance of CompTIA Network+ Certification

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CompTIA has turned up with vendor-neutral networking examination in the form of Network+. The people who are possessed with networking experience for a span of 9-12 months get hold of Network+ certification which has received recognition on the international level.


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What exactly does a SQL Server DBA do? First of all, Microsoft SQL Server is software that basely allows you to create SQL servers and create and host several robust and stable databases on those servers. SQL Server can accommodate both small and large databases ranging from just a few users accessing them to hundreds of users utilizing an application.